Saturday, April 11, 2015


Spring Break! After 5+ hours on the road, during which the boys were remarkably good, we arrived at our rental house in Arcata (technically, in Bayside):

The house is set back from the road—to get to it, you cross a private, one-lane bridge—and abuts a redwood forest that is part of the Jacoby Creek Land Trust.

Some 3D panoramas of the house and the bridge:

After being cooped up in a car for so long, the boys had to have some lego time. Maybe not the most obvious way to start off a vacation in a country home, but so be it.

Some more pics of the house:

On Day 2, we walked across our meadow and then hiked in the forest.

We found some salal berries in the forest.

After our hike, we drove into Arcata for lunch, and on the way back, while crossing our bridge, spied some deer in the creek.

Later on, we relaxed in our sauna in the house.

On Day 3, we visited the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary.

The marsh also serves as a wastewater treatment facility!

We hiked the self-guided trail around the Butcher Slough Log Pond.

In addition to egrets, ducks and raptors, Anders spotted this little guy:

In the afternoon, the boys retreated to indoor play. Later, while Sigrid enjoyed a read on our balcony, the boys and I played some ping pong, and then did some more exploring outside.

On Day 4, we drove up to Moonstone Beach. (There's also a Moonstone Beach in Southern California near San Luis Obispo; our beach was in Trinidad.)

When we got there, in the morning, there were some great reflections in the little river that separates the part of the beach we were on from the ocean.

We had recently had some rain, and the water was too deep for us to get to the ocean proper, but there was still plenty to see and do.

Up above, we could see some houses with enviable views.

The boys eventually settled down for some exploring in the mud.

Here's proof that I went on this trip, too.

Sigrid wished she had brought a book, but she did ok without one.

Soren got a bit wet.

That afternoon, we rented a hot tub in Arcata.

The hot tub place also had a cafe, with a train set.

After our tub time, we relaxed a bit.

Day 5 started with some playing at the house.

For lunch, we went to the Samoa Cookhouse.

And then we drove up to the old growth redwoods about an hour north of us, and hiked the Trillium Falls trail.

There were some falls at the very beginning of the trail...

...but here is the actual Trillium Falls.

Here's the namesake trillium.

We were hoping to see some Roosevelt Elk near our hike, but there were none to be seen when we arrived. But some hikers who arrived as we were leaving told us to head up north another quarter mile on 101, where we saw these guys:

Day 6 we were back at the house. We spent some quality time down at the creek, under our bridge.

Anders and Soren got to know this nice banana slug.

And that night, the boys shared a bubble bath.

We also had some visitors in the meadow next to the house.

Day 7 was another driving day. We took a brief detour to check out the Avenue of the Giants.

And we stopped for lunch in Willits at McDonald's, and let the boys stretch their legs.

After a week of activities, we feared the drive home might not go as smoothly as the drive up, but the boys did great! Another successful spring break vacation!

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