Thursday, March 19, 2015


Anders has been "Person of the Week" in the first grade class this week. When you're Person of the Week, you bring Fiona the Bear home with you, and document the mischief she gets into.

And boy does she get into mischief!

Things started a bit slow, because Anders had the flu. Fiona wasn't feeling well, either.

But soon enough, Fiona was scheming with Soren's stuffies in the middle of the night!

Anders thinks she was trying to figure out where we keep snacks and treats.

She might have misunderstood what she learned, because next thing you know, Fiona was trying to eat bird seed out of our bird feeder!

Eventually, though, she found some apple juice and went a bit crazy.

She also dumped out Sigrid's shoes...

...and the clean laundry!

She liked to eat our cereal.

She thought Soren's Darth Vader voice changer was cool.

And she picked some flowers.

She was a lot of trouble, but we'll miss Fiona!

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