Friday, February 06, 2015


I recently backed up about five years worth of photos to Google Photos. As a side effect of this process, Google+ created a bazillion "auto awesome" photos. Mostly, these are short animations made from series of pictures. Reviewing them is like a stroll down memory lane.

October 2009: Anders and Molly.

November 2009: Drawing with Anders.

May 2010: Camping with cousins.

May 2011: Tasty donuts.

June 2011: Soren is the Buddha.

August 2011: Kayaking in Russian River.

February 2012: Soren is 1!

April 2012: Big cookie for the 4 year old.

June 2012: Drumheller.

February 2013: Tasty!

May 2013: Why we don't have more family pictures.

June 2013: Little Bear graduation.

July 2013: Victoria. (Second shot is a stitched panorama... Soren is everywhere!)

September 2013: Loving brothers.

October 2013: Shane and Sophie tie the knot!

October 2013: Soren's Jack-o-Lantern.

Halloween 2013: North Class parade.

November 2013: Can't sit still.

November 2013: Costanoa.

December 2013: Snowball fight!

January 2014: Sledding!

August 2014: Still can't stay still.

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