Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Glacier Loop

Before leaving Tahoe for home, we hiked Glacier Loop on Donner Ridge. It was supposed to be a moderate hike for the boys—1.6 miles, mostly flat. But the lower part of the loop is not well marked, so we took a detour. Plus, 1.6 miles seems farther when you're at elevation. And the way we did the loop, the biggest incline came at the end. Put it all together, and our hike ended up taking two and a half hours (including breaks).

But it was surreally beautiful.

Oh, ok; it was beautiful, but perhaps not quite that surreal. Those were edited. Originally, those pictures looked like this:

But even without special effects, it was nice to hike in the snow.

The boys even let loose a few snowballs.

Part of the hike dipped a bit lower and faced south, leaving us without snow. Plus, this was the site of a huge fire in 1960, and you could still see the effects.

But looking south, we had a beautiful view of Donner Lake.

(And, off in the distance, Northstar, I think.)

After taking in the view, we had a snack.

Actually, we ended up taking in the view of Donner Lake before and after our snack, from slightly different spots. (These are 360° panoramas.)

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