Friday, March 21, 2014

PG&E, minus some G and E

This week, Keker & Van Nest's main building lost electrical power for a full day due to a blown underground transformer. And when PG&E finally restored power, it was only by putting the building on a temporary generator (the white truck in this pic). We stayed on that generator for two days, until we were switched back to regular power once the transformer had been replaced.

Meanwhile, at home, PG&E has been doing work on our block all month, preparing to switch us over to high pressure gas service lines. This week, they finally got to the actual switchover, at least for our house.

For us, the process also involved having our meter moved from our basement to a nook just outside the house. But when PG&E moved it, they stuck it in an awkward spot that was not quite what we had agreed to. So PG&E moved it back about a half foot on Friday. But no one ever turned on our gas again, or left us with any sort of note about what was going on. By six, with no one on site anywhere in the area, we called PG&E. Four phone calls and six hours later, service had been restored.

Although this whole month things have been noisy, and we've had less street parking than usual, I had actually been pretty pleased with how the work was going. The prospect of a weekend without gas (and thus without a stove, hot water, heat, or a dryer) soured me on the process. The tech who finally came out a bit after 11 pm and worked on things until about quarter to midnight, however, was great. (As a bonus, he cleared a partial clog in the jet for one of our stovetop burners.)

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