Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentine's Day (plus/minus a week)

We were en route to Truckee on Valentine's Day, so the dinner was delayed a week. Or, as Sigrid likes to point out, perhaps it was delayed a year and a week; last year I never managed to get around to making a Valentine's Day dinner (we alternate years as chef on Valentine's Day, and last year was supposed to be me), because I was preparing for trial. But, regardless, Valentine's Day came on February 21 this year.

This year, the dinner had a beer theme.


Brouwerij Lindemans
Pêche Lambic

The Pêche Lambic was just right, so long as you didn't think too much about it supposedly being a beer. If you thought about it as a Bellini, that worked better.

The boys joined us for the dinner, and they got milk, sparkling cider (in fancy flutes!) and water.

Beer Puffs with Crab Salad
Vielle Provision Saison Dupont

Each course had beer as an ingredient. For the beer puffs, I used a straightforward lager—Spaten Lager. The puffs were stuffed with crab salad, for us. The boys got puffs stuffed with a simple fruit salad. For the adults, the course was accompanied by a Saison.

Beer Beef Stew
Rewired Brown Ale

The beef was stewed in Tokyo Black Porter, and served over egg noodles. The stew was paired with Rewired Brown Ale. (The boys had buttered egg noodles.)

White Beer Cookies
Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout

We had cookies for dessert. To start, I reduced 24 ounces of Duvel Belgian Golden Ale with 5 tablespoons of honey down to a third of a cup. The cookies were paired with a chocolate stout (which was delish).

Here are the beers we drank.

And here are the beers we ate.

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