Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Donner Lake

Before we headed back home from Tahoe, we decided to explore Donner Lake a bit. We parked at the Emigrant Trail Museum and hiked in toward the lake.

This boulder memorializes the Donner party.

Soren found a little snow man that someone left behind.

Anders explored the ice forming on Donne Creek. (And, as you can see, he really likes his ski goggles.)

Soren played with the ice, too.

The hike to the lake was a bit longer than we realized...

...but we eventually managed to follow Donner Creek to Donner Lake.

It's hard to make out in this photo, but the water level is so low that all the docks are on dry land.

Anders found a big stick. And what better to do with a big stick than throw it in a lake?

We cut across Donner Creek so that we could walk back to the car via a different route.

Anders kept the goggles on his head, if not on his eyes.

More signs of the drought. The sign in this picture warns of the undertow.

Said undertow comes from these, or at least it would if the water level were, oh, several feet higher.

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