Sunday, December 01, 2013


The last time we went to Costanoa, we only had one kid, and he was all of one and a half.

So we were due for another visit. We got a slightly later start than we otherwise might have, because we had to stick around San Francisco to get a new washer installed. But we made it out of the City by about 4 or so, and the drive down included our first drive through the new Devil's Slide bypass.

It was getting dark when we arrived at Costanoa, and it was dark by the time we were ready for dinner.

We didn't have reservations for dinner, and it turned out the post-Thanksgiving weekend is very popular at Costanoa, so the boys watched some videos while we waited for a table.

The place is a bit different than it was in 2009. Most notably, there's a full bar.

Saturday morning, Sigrid and the boys had hot chocolate on our back deck.

The boys liked the view.

Ok, they also liked the legos that we brought with us.

We had a good breakfast.

And we checked out the lodge lawn. Roll your mouse over this pic, and you'll see why this spot holds fond memories for us.

We went on what was intended to be a reasonably short hike, with a break halfway through for a picnic lunch of PB&J sandwiches. We missed a turn, and ended up on a four-hour hike (one hour for the lunch break).

This picture of Soren...
...sort of reminds me of this one of Anders, from four years ago...

...or, I guess, this one of Anders from today.

This bridge is pretty early on in the hike.

Anders is blending in with the pampas grass.

Here we are, about an hour in.

Lunch break at the Ohlone Ridge Lookout.

(As we were finishing up the hike, three deer leaped over the trail, just in front of Anders and me. I don't have a pic of it, but it seems worth mentioning.)

After the long hike and a late night up, the boys slept in.

After checking out, we visited the camp part of the grounds. Including this tree.

At the end of the grounds, we could see Pigeon Point Lighthouse off in the distance.

The pine tents have gotten a spiffy upgrade, with this food shack (closed for now, but open during the summer?) that has several beer taps.

Before heading home, we visited the lighthouse.

The fresnel lens has been taken down for cleaning, and is on display. One day, perhaps the lighthouse will be fully restored.

Our last stop, before heading home, was a beach.

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