Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I bought this couch in Fall 1998, right after I moved down to Los Angeles. By now, I think it might be the oldest piece of furniture I own. But as you can see, it's not doing so hot anymore.

The middle cushion is cracked and torn.

This end of the couch isn't looking so good, either.

The left armrest used to be where I rested my head, sometimes even falling asleep on the couch, as a bachelor.

This leg no longer even screws into the couch properly.

Sigrid and I made efforts to keep the couch going a while longer—until the boys got a bit older—including buying a slipcover (the red bits in some of the photos above are from the slipcover). But really it was getting tiresome.

We sat on a really wonderful couch at Noriega Furniture a couple of years ago, while waiting for someone to fill out an invoice for some other piece of furniture we were buying there. We weren't looking for a new couch back then, but we kept a catalog page with the information on the couch.

Last month, on a bit of a whim, I emailed the salesperson we've worked with at Noriega Furniture. And our couch was on sale! So we bought it. It's a Hancock & Moore City Sofa (the 83 inch version, not the 93 inch version). Very comfy, and very purty.

Let's hope the boys don't destroy it.

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