Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holi-day Out With Thomas

"Do we dare?"

That's what Sigrid asked when she saw that Thomas the Tank Engine was coming to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk for a special holiday event.

Well, of course we dared.

And we're glad we did!

Look at that happiness.

The train was all decked out in holiday mode.

Comfy seating.

We were in an indoor car, and it was a bit cold, so that was nice. But the outdoor car did look fun, too.

I don't know what Soren thought was going on, but he seems to have had a good time.

There were sing-alongs.

And bells to shake.

And elves.

Oh, and some guy in a crazy suit kept dropping by.

Twenty-five minutes on the train went by in no time.

Afterwards, we rode the carousel. Soren loved it.

Agreen's horse smiled at me.

I'm not sure what Anders is doing here. Maybe that's his impression of a snorting horse.

Get ready, get set...


We'll have to come back to visit the boardwalk when it's warmer...

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