Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Anders's first day at the Little Bear School has finally arrived!

Surprisingly, Anders agreed to try on his backpack. It fits quite nicely.

We decided to make this trip to school a family affair.

Anders was mostly in a good mood, but there may have been a bit of anxiety.

Not too much, though.

Doesn't he look like a big boy?

It's time!

Just taking care of a little business here in the Little Bear bathroom before the school day starts.

Anders looked a bit worried to me, but I suppose he was just taking in the scene.

We played a little bit, and then I told him that Mama would pick him up after lunch, and asked if he'd be ok on his own. In a very hushed voice, he told me he'd be ok.

And so we left. Sigrid and I were so distraught that we had to... well, we had to go have some brunch without the distraction of a toddler running around.

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