Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day

I brought these flowers home on Friday, sort of splitting the difference between our anniversary and Mother's Day.

On Mother's Day proper, Sigrid slept in, and then we went out for brunch at Farina.

Sigrid had some great lasagna, and I had this very pretty plate of lamb, veal, artichoke hearts, and apples.

(On the menu, my dish was described in typical restaurant-speak. On the receipt, it was just called "fried meats.")

On our way out, we noticed that Valencia St. was blocked to traffic, and decided to check out what was happening. Turned out it was the Mission edition of the monthly Sunday Streets. We wandered around, and really enjoyed it. And Anders got to experience ice cream in a cone for the first time.

A little girl about the same age as Anders sat next to him, and it turns out she was having her first-ever cone, too.

For dinner, we had a bit of Korean food, including lettuce from the garden.

All in all, a pretty good Mother's Day.

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