Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tree trimmed.

The tree this year is, really, Anders's first tree. The last time Sigrid and I bought a Christmas tree, really, was 2006. In 2007, our last pre-Anders Christmas, we were in Victoria for Christmas. In 2008, we had a mini-tree that we kept outside, but Fear of Anders kept us from getting a tree for the house. In 2009, we were in Victoria again—where, though there was an indoor-tree, Fear of Anders limited it to one that fit on top of a table.

Well, it's 2010, and we think Anders is ready for a tree. We may be wrong. We'll let you know.

The first ornament on the tree.

It's a bulb of garlic, in honor of his Korean side.

Anders likes the tree.

We all like it.

We also have some lights outside.

Just our contribution to the neighborhood cheer. Our outdoors effort is dwarfed by the house two doors down.

...and by the house on the other side of the street that is in the left of this pic (you can see that display better in the picture I took in 2008).

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