Thursday, July 15, 2010

Slip cover

The couch was in very poor shape. Twelve years, six households, and one toddler will do that. But the plan was to stick with it for a few more years, until Anders was in a marginally less destructive state.

Alas, the leather began to do far more than fade and wear—it began to tear. The cushions are not removable, so there's no simple "flip" solution.

Next idea: buy a cheap couch to get through the next few years, and then think about a nice couch. Turns out cheap couches are more expensive than I remember, for not so fabulous couches.

Ok, how about a slip cover? Seemed like a questionable approach, especially with many slip covers running into the hundreds of dollars. But we found an easy cover for $75, shipped, and it's worked out ok. Here are a couple of pics with no color correction; the actual color is somewhere in between what you see in these two pics.

That will do. Let's see how much time it buys us.

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