Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Maui - Sugar Cane Train

For weeks, we've been telling Anders that he was going to go on the Sugar Cane Train.

Anders was pretty pleased that we finally were on the train.

The ride started off nicely enough.

We even went over a trestle.

Now, it's possible we had been told that this was the "most boring train in the world." Surely that wouldn't faze Anders, though, since he is a total train nut. Right?

Fifteen minutes in, he fell asleep.

(In defense of the train, we think this was actually because it was too exciting—he fell asleep pretty much right after we passed a fire station. I mean, come on, a train ride and a fire station at the same time?)

Because he was asleep, he missed the train blowing off steam as it turned around for the return trip.

But he woke up shortly thereafter, so he caught most of the ride back to Lahaina.


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