Wednesday, June 30, 2010


One of the new features on the iPhone 4 (yes, I bought one) is that it not only has a camera on the back, it also has one on the front. This is useful for videoconferencing, but so far that's pretty much limited to iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 video chats.

But you also can use the front camera as, well, a camera. It's a camera that takes pictures in mirror image [UPDATE: it displays them in mirror image while recording, but the finished image is actually not in mirror image—nice!], but it allows you to take pictures of yourself quite easily (because you can see what the picture will look like on the phone screen). It also lets you video-record yourself quite easily, for the same reason.

Or you can video-record, say, yourself and your son—your son who hasn't taken a nap today and who is on the verge of totally losing it, but who is fascinated by gadgets and videos.

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